Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleepless in LA

I have been twittering and I have to say it is totally weird. Some people are following me but I am not sure why as I am completely new to the game and boring! I write about making ravioli and waiting for my DH to get dressed for the gym. Still, they follow. SO I guess I have to try to be a little more interesting.
Nobody else seems that interesting either come to think of it. Just little, random thoughts are flowing out there. My favorite is Ashton Kutcher. I don't know why I am following him--I think my daughter suggested it. She said he is interesting and intelligent. SO far I haven't seen much evidence of either but I am telling you the man never sleeps!
He must be really addicted to the twittering thing. He twitters about every 2 or 3 minutes. Of all the people I follow, he is the most prolific. I know he isn't talking to me but what in the heck is he talking about? And how does he have so much time to twitter anyway?? Doesn't he have deals to make and producer-y things to do?? Shouldn't he be taking meetings and acting?
Maybe someone is driving him around all the time and he's just bored. Maybe he is sitting at the side of his pool and doing nothing but twittering, I don't know.
It seems to me that a young man like him would have better things to do but what do I know? I just hope he isn't twittering while driving or doing something else important. I'd hate to hear he was in an accident because of being on Twitter.
I suppose someone will have an accident some day and blame it on Twitter if they haven't already. I'm sure the judge would be completely understanding--he or she would probably be twittering while the trial ensued.(I say this with total sarcasm in case you couldn't guess)
Twittering only takes a second or two but I hate to see us become a Twitter nation...our lives meted out in sound bytes(or is it bite??). I prefer the rambling style of the blog, can you tell?

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