Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everything's Working Out

I am sitting here trying to get myself psyched up to go and work out when my DH gets home from work. Working out in the evening pretty much sucks but it is the only time we can go together(except for the weekend) and I hate to go alone. I won't go alone. I can talk myself out of it so easily--I got up too late, I just washed my hair yesterday and it will be fine today if I don't work out, I ate breakfast too late, I have to pay bills, my cat wants me......I can go on and on.
Working out is ok I guess. I am not a very motivated exerciser(see first paragraph, re: excuses) but the treadmill is okay. I am trying to kick my ass a little more because I think my body was getting used to the routine and it stopped being effective. SO now I work harder and get sweatier than ever and need a shower as a wipe off just doesn't cut it.
Dinner gets later and later too. Sometimes we get a veggie pizza on the way home and sometimes I cook. I hate that! Dinner doesn't get served until 8:45 even when I cook ala Rachel Ray!
Once I get going on the treadmill though, I feel strong and good. Those endorphins can really fool you! I do enjoy having my music going and now that I have my MP3 player and all those songs from Napster, I never have to listen to something I don't like. I can switch it up and watch TV too, if I want.
So, wasn't that a great psych up?? I can hardly wait to get going. Oh, wait, do I have to put my tennis shoes on? I'm not sure I want to do that!

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