Friday, March 6, 2009

Spitting Mad

A long time ago I heard a story about a woman who hated her husband so much that every morning she spit in his orange juice. Really. I trust the source implicitly. All I can say is he must have been some kind of jerk to have his wife do that. He wasn't unfaithful or anything major, she just couldn't stand him. Being a quiet kind of woman, she exacted her revenge in the most subtle way.
I am never subtle when I am mad. I have railed and ranted and swore and smacked and yelled and cried. See, I told you. Not subtle in the least. Sometimes when I am mad, I just turn off toward the person I am mad at...that keeps me from railing and ranting and swearing and smacking and yelling and crying. I can be cold as an iceberg and look right through the person I am mad at.
I'm pretty mad now because someone I know who was very good at his job got let go under the shadiest of circumstances. This is a good guy who worked hard and loved what he was doing. He's almost retirement age but not quite and I know he would love to continue working. Now where in the world is he supposed to get a job? Especially in this economy? Who is going to look at a 60 year old man and say "oh yep, he's the one" when there are hundreds of twenty somethings who would take the job at (probably) a lower salary?
So I am really mad. The problem is I'm not sure who to be mad at. The leader of the board of directors?? The whole board??? The economy?? You can't freeze out the economy....or wait, maybe you can.
If I decide to ignore it and go about my business of spending and going out to eat and travelling maybe I can keep looking right through the economy. I'll just ignore it and maybe it will go away and leave us alone!

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Megan said...

I'm sorry you're so mad. What happened to him was unfair. I choose to be mad at the whole board of directors. I'm ignoring them.