Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once A Mom

I sadly read the reports that Natasha Richardson died after a skiing accident. She has two young boys. They must be devastated as well as her husband and mom.
I also read that the paramedics were turned away from the scene. Now, I don't know if their arrival would have made a difference but I can understand why they were turned away. As moms, we minimize our own pain. I can imagine Ms. Richardson saying stuff like Oh, I'm fine and Really, I'll be fine and It's nothing.
She might have been a little embarrassed because she was on the beginners slope but I think the overriding reason that she didn't want help was that she didn't think it could be that bad.
Once you are a mom, your own trials and pains pale in comparison to your kids. Their needs and pains and trials take precedent over yours.
She probably didn't want her family to be worried. Maybe her boys were standing by looking worried so she sucked it up and made light of the whole thing for their sakes. She probably did feel fine--until a little later.
She probably wanted to set a good example for her sons. Maybe she wanted to show them how brave she was and how she didn't crave attention when she didn't need it.
Of course, this is all speculation on my part but being a mom, I think I might be right. Moms want to be strong for their kids and set a good example.
This young woman's passing is very sad, hopefully, not unnecessary. I'm sure the details will come out--after all, she is a famous actress from a famous family married to a famous actor. When it does, I will feel even sadder for her. She obviously wasn't interested in anyone's unnecessary attention. Rest in peace, Ms. Richardson. I think you were a real mom to the end.

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