Thursday, March 26, 2009

Up to My Neck in Suds

No, I am not having a dish washing marathon. I'm not in the world's longest bubblebath. I am totally engrossed in my soap operas these days. Not a day goes by that I can just skip them or fast forward through most of them. I still fast forward some but not as much. Here, in no particular order, are some of the things going on.
Tracy Quartermaine(GH) is wearing the most Gawd-awful suit you have ever seen. It is red and it looks like someone dyed a dead animal and plastered it on the back of the jacket. I can't describe it any other way. It is so ugly it is laughable and believe me, I laugh every day. I don't know what is going on with her(other than bad taste) as that is one part I can FF through.
On One Life to Live, there is so much going on I hope I can remember it all. Let's start with Starr as she seems to be in the center of things. Remember how I always say she has more sense than all the adults put together? Well, not so much right now. She has a giant crush on her teacher who happens to be the son of the doctor that delivered Starr and Cole's baby, which supposedly died but didn't because her cousin with multiple personalities stole her child and left her dead one in its place. She kissed him at a school dance and Cole(her ex) saw her and he is on drugs because his mother(who was abducted by Starr's father) was ignoring him so he got in his car with Matthew(who is the son of the DA) and got in an accident which resulted in Matt being paralyzed from the waist down and the discovery that Shane(the asthmatic boy) who was in the other car with his mom has Leukemia!
Now, in the next room, we have Starr's mother who was stabbed in the shower a la Psycho and was in a coma while the father who somehow has escaped jail time for all he has done (and I haven't told you the half of it) is trying to get custody of Starr and her little brothers. Mom is awake as of yesterday and we shall see what transpires.
Starr's other cousin(sister of the cousin with multiples) and her fiance have discovered what has happened with the babies and are trying to figure out how in the heck to tell everyone without all h-e double hockey sticks breaking out.
Through most of this drama either Starr or her gramma are carrying around Starr's youngest brother(about 2 and a half maybe more) and discuss these various goings on in front of the kid who never fusses or acts up(I swear he's drugged). Must check with Cole on that.
Over in Pine Valley, things are heating up too. There is a custody battle, a corporate take over, a teenage girl who hit a woman over the head with a crystal vase and put her in the hospital, Adam Chandler is wasting away in a hospital out of town(must be on vacation), Erica is bribing judges, but so is Dr. David. Kendall(recently awoken from her coma) is torn between two lovers while juggling motherhood(just barely, she has a nanny... I'm not sure the kids even know who she is) and Greenlee has been declared dead due to DNA tests(so I'm sure she's alive) and poor Opal who is somewhat psychic is having a hard time sleeping because Greenlee's soul is alone and troubled. Yikes!
Needless to say, I thank the higher power(no,not the daytime executives at ABC) that I live in good old boring Mentor, Ohio....but I love my little trips to the 'burbs of Llanview, Port Charles, and Pine Valley each day.

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