Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

Well, old David Letterman finally bit the bullet and married the mother of his child. It sure took him long enough--the kid is five years old. I know most men are reluctant to get married but that is pretty ridiculous.
I don't know what she sees in him anyway. I think he is probably rude and superior. I never cared for his sense of humor and I HATE the way that Paul, the bandleader, sucks up to him. Come to think of it I can't even stand to look at that band leader, he looks like the fourth blind mouse to me. Of course, he probably doesn't live with them so she doesn't have to put up with him.
I hope she's happy. I'm sure she is happy for her son's sake. I also hope that stalker has finally left Dave alone. Now that would be creepy. Maybe they waited to get married til that stalker was dealt with.
Bruce Willis got married too. I wondered what he was waiting for. Well, now I know. The new wife looks like a more exotic version of Demi Moore. Really, check out the pictures. She's the younger version too but we won't go there.
The whole family was there too, even his son, Ashton. No, I know he isn't Bruce's son... I was just kidding. That would be pretty funny if he was though, wouldn't it?
Both these ceremonies were private and not expected. I wonder if Bruce and Dave talked??

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