Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 10- iPod songs

Today they want me to shuffle my playlist and tell you the songs that come up and why I have them so here goes.
Black Eyed Peas    I Got a Feeling: love this song.  Love even though he wrote that new weird song for Entertainment Tonight.
I Love Trash by Oscar the Grouch:  I was a Kindergarten teacher for many many years and Oscar is my favorite.
Coldplay  Viva la Vida:  I like the idea about ruling the world and then losing it.
Etta James  At Last:  Such a sexy song.
Janis Joplin  Piece of My Heart:  Have to love Janis.  She was a tortured soul but she sure could belt it!
As you can see I have pretty eclectic taste in music.  I like to mix it up.  The nice part about a playlist is you never have to listen to a song that you don't like  or Deep Sh*t  either!

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