Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Love Mayhem

I love this guy.  Whether he is the heavy snow on the garage roof or a crying teenager who clips your car in the parking lot or a guy staring at a pretty jogger until he crashes into a telephone pole, I love him.
I don't know why he cracks me up so much but he always has and always will.  I kind of recognize the actor so maybe that's what got my attention at first.
The funny thing is that in life, I hate mayhem.  I politely call it too much input.  Chucky Cheese was a good example of that.  When I went there(dragged kicking and screaming mind you) all I wanted to do was stand up and scream, "Everybody sit down and shut up!" 
I am uncomfortable with shouting and arguing.  Just ask my DH.  He loves to debate.  I hate it.  Good thing he has our kids to go around the block with because I refuse.
I like quiet and smiling and reading or watching television. None of those are mayhem.  Well, maybe television once in awhile but I don't really watch that kind of show very often.
I like soothing music and a glass of wine.  I like chatting with my friends.  I love being on the computer. Most of the things I enjoy are quiet and the opposite of mayhem.  You might wonder how I ever taught Kindergarten then.  That was controlled chaos.  I controlled that and the chaos was a trick.  It was really a well oiled machine that a casual observer just wouldn't understand.
Anyway, I just love that mayhem guy.  Him and the French model, but that's for another day.
Bon Jour!

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