Thursday, March 7, 2013

Workout Girl

I go to Curves five days a week.  In case you don't know it is a gym for women.  I go with a friend but today she has a commitment in the evening and so do I so I went this morning after my physical at the Dr.
Now you probably think I am going to tell how I work my muscle groups and how much I sweat.  Well, you're wrong because my real workout didn't start until after I was done with my usual routine.
I have a bag in which I keep my workout shoes(no outdoor shoes allowed past a certain point) It is big enough for shoes, glasses, keys and a water bottle.  I also bring my purse.
So anyway, I was putting on my coat and got ready to grab my keys and they were missing.  They were not in my pockets as the pockets of this jacket are rather slim so I was afraid the keys would fall out.  So I tucked them my purse?  Or in my workout bag?
So I did a thorough search and came up empty.  No big deal, it happens all the time.  I looked again. Nope.  Looked again and took everything out of the bag and purse, one pocket at a time.  Nope.  Oh, wait I had to go back out and get my workout bag because I forgot to bring it into the gym.  Maybe I left my keys in there.  Nope.  It was locked up tight.
Deep breath and back inside.  Now, people are starting to notice.  Darlene, who works there, said she'd help me and she searched the cubbies and the restrooms and the towel basket. Nope. Nope. and Nope.
I again emptied my bags, one pocket at a time and still no keys.  I am now starting to sweat more than usual.  So I went into the store next door and asked the guy if anyone had turned in keys.  He said no.  OK, it was the move of a desperate woman.
Back at the gym, a helpful woman said her friend couldn't find her keys and they were in her pocket all along.  I had no pockets.
So Darlene went on the hunt again and I looked through and Lo! and Behold!  there were the little rascals right in the front pocket of my gym bag which I have now emptied 3 or 4 times.  I swear they weren't in there before.
Actually, here's what happened.  I checked one pocket at a time and when I stuck my tennis shoes back in the bag, they pushed the fabric over just enough to make a little pocket for a hiding place.  Wasn't that nice of them?
Through this whole debacle, I never panicked.  I thought I could walk home and get my extra key.  The part of me that was a little panicked thought I should call my DH. But saner heads prevailed.
As I drove home, my calm exterior started to  break down and thank goodness, no one took my blood pressure!!
So the case of the missing keys was solved.  But I have to admit, I'm no Sherlock Holmes.

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