Friday, March 8, 2013

Out and About

Last night DH took me out to dinner after we did a little shopping for pants for him.  Let me tell you I deserved it.  How long does it take to try on a pair of pants?  Answer: 30 minutes!!  To be fair, it was more than one pair but still.  I can try on a whole cartload of clothes in less than 15.  I guess it seems longer because I have to lurk by the men's changing room and that always feels.......well, lurky.
Once we finished that chore it was time to go to dinner and I couldn't wait.  I am in a cooking slump.  I hate doing it.  I will do just about anything to get out of it.  If I do cook, it is something fast and easy.  Emphasis on easy and fast.
So we were given a booth just behind another couple and we were enjoying wine and an appetizer when a second couple who looked like they were leaving swooped down on the other couple and proceeded to have a long conversation.  The two wives started up and then the husband who was supposedly leaving got started.
The poor sap who was sitting there had to listen to this guy talk about his receipts for income tax purposes on his income properties and then about some procedure this guy had on his back.  It was gross.  Even DH was grossed out but lucky him, he had his back to them so he didn't see the guy who had the income properties and the procedure pull out his phone and SHOWED PICTURES OF HIS PROCEDURE.  OMG!  I am trying to eat here, buddy.
Now you know that we don't like to eavesdrop but sometimes you just can't help yourselves especially when you are in an almost empty restaurant and the people are so close to you.
The couple who was leaving finally left, fur coat and all.  Oh, I failed to mention the wife was wearing a full length faux fur coat which she never took off while she sat next to the other woman.  I'll bet they were both sweating! Anyway, the couple in the booth behind us left as soon as they could after that.  We took one look at each other and just cracked up.
So now we think we know why we don't go out so often.  We might become the world's biggest eavesdroppers.

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