Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Five- What I'd Say to My Ex(es)

Oh, boy!  I have had a real kinda crazy love life--especially when I was young so I do have more than one ex.
Here we go then:
To the not serious college boyfriend, You were such a sweetie.
To my serious college boyfriend, I am sorry I was such a fool.
To my first fiance, I'm sorry I hurt you but you might have deserved it just a little.
To my first husband, you tried to destroy me but it didn't work.
To my after the divorce boyfriend, I'm glad we were friends.
To my other after the divorce boyfriend, you were just what I needed.

Now we don't just have exes in the romance department.
To my ex boss, I didn't really appreciate you.
To my ex best friend, it's a good thing we parted ways.
To my ex car, I miss you!
To my ex colleague, I don't miss you!!

The End

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