Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Nineteen Five Things I Lust For

Now you may think I lust for money.  Not really, it would just be necessary to get the five things I lust after.  I must say it seems a little odd to lust after stuff considering it's Easter Sunday!  Joy should be the topic of the day but I'm following the thirty days faithfully so here goes.
I always wanted a fur coat.  I know, I know, it's politically incorrect to want one but I do.  A big sable to wrap around my body with a collar to snuggle down into. Mmmmm. Divine.
I always wanted a Karmen Ghia. Here's why:
I have no words.  A handsome older man I knew when I was a teen owned this car and I've never gotten over him.....I mean, it.
I would love a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love the high desert.  It seems like the perfect weather for me. Never too cold and hardly ever too hot. It would have to be a heck of a house, kinda like this:
You know, just a tiny little place to relax.
I want a Segue so bad!!!  You know, one of those things you steer with just your body.  I'd have to wear a helmet but so what?  It would be just so cool!!!!!!!
See, the Beatles like them.
Oh, remember we're talking about lust here.  I would love a giant, shiny, gorgeous diamond ring.  Yep, I still want one.  The bigger the better.  I want to be the envy of all the girls and be insured when I wear it.
The bigger the better, remember.
Lust is not a healthy thing unless you lust after healthy food or exercise.  But who lusts for those???

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