Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 18 A Problem I Have

First, that is not me in the picture.
Second, why in the world would you want to listen to a problem I have.  We all have plenty, agreed?
So I am not going to talk about problems.
So there!

I am getting new furniture this morning in my family room.  They are here now and are working away.  I am pretty excited about it.  You should hear DH out there trying to supervise. It's pretty funny.  And he wants to take  pictures but can't find his cell phone!!  Oh, he has his dad's genes all right.
Isn't it fun to remodel your house?  Not the work part of course, just the finished product.  I have had times when I wasn't thrilled though such as the time I painted my living room mint green instead of sage green.  Had to live with that for a pretty long time.
Then there was the time I had a pass through cut in my kitchen wall at Christmas time and it wasn't done so I painted holly leaves and a bow around it.  Kinda hated to give that up but oh, well. I just have to keep Christmas in my heart all year not on the kitchen wall.
Sometimes I am thrilled with the results.  Like my grey bathroom that I painted myself. We won't talk about how I locked myself in because I took the handle off the door and left it in another room. Obviously, I escaped.  I used a screwdriver and some ingenuity.
For a while though, I was really sweating it.
Maybe I'll post some of DH's pictures here later.  If he found his phone, that is. 

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