Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 7 My Five Pet Peeves

Oh boy! Something I can really get my teeth into.  Pet peeves.  I can make that same face as the baby in the picture.
Here they are, in no order of significance.

I hate it when drivers flip you off for going the speed limit.  We have a street by us that is a main street but passes about 20 restaurants in a 1 mile stretch and the speed limit is 25.  I go 25-30.  Cops are there a lot.  There are lots of driveways to hide in.  They never seem to be around when someone passes me going  let's say, 40.  I've been flipped off by men,women, teens, and golden agers. Well, I'm still going 25-30.  SO there!
OMG close the front door when you leave.  Close it tight especially in winter when it is snowing and 4 degrees outside.
Turn off the lights when you leave a room. I pay the electric bill.  I know how much it costs so trust me, turn them off.
I hate people who run you over or step in front of you or totally ignore that you are in line at the mall.  You know who you are.  I used to be a sheep and say nothing.  Now I speak up and the funny thing is I have all the time in the world now since I am retired.  I figure I'm helping out some other poor sheep, I mean, person.
Ohmygosh.  That's only four.  How can that be?  I should have at least 5.  I should have to pick from all those that are left.  I can't think of a one.  I guess I must be easy going, eh?   Ha, I just wish that was true.  Really, I can't think of one.  Even one for DH although he does do the lights thing.  Even when I'm driving and people do stupid stuff like cut me off that doesn't really bother me in the least.  I think everyone makes mistakes.  Red lights that are too long?  Not really a problem for me anymore.  How about slow clerks at the check out?  Nope.  Not at all. Isn't that something?  Not to even have five pet peeves?  I know I can hardly believe it myself.
Oh wait, I know, I hate people who go on and on...........hey, wait a minute!

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