Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 13 of Thirty Day Challenge- My Body

That's me in the middle. At Christmas. Thinking I look great.
SO now I look at that picture and say OK not too bad for an older woman but my body and I have had a long and leisurely fight going on for the last 30 years or so.
I was a skinny minnie when I was young.  I heard about how I never ate enough and I was too skinny.  Something about fresh air camps and eating butter would help.
I was a thin woman until I was about 35 and then the campaign for my body to get fat really started.  My kids were little and I was busy.  You'd think I would get skinnier but nope.
By the time they were teens, I was 200 pounds....most of the fat in my belly.  Very unattractive.  So I dieted and lost some.  I dieted again and lost what I had regained.
I tried all kinds of diets.  You name it, I was probably on it.
I work out now and try to eat right.  I still have a few pounds I would like to lose but the actual shape of my body is never going to be...well, ship-shape. 
My goal for my body now is for it to last.....long.  All of it, including my brain.  I keep exercising and writing and doing crossword puzzles.  I am trying to embrace the belly, as I was advised recently because it is here to stay. It might get smaller but it won't disappear.
It's a funny thing about bodies.  We worry about them so much and we have a tendency to forget what I told my DD many, many years ago.  It's nice to be pretty on the outside but it's just as important to be pretty on the inside too.

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