Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Family- Day 11 of Thirty Day Challenge

Oh, this is an easy one.  I am the luckiest human on the planet to have the family I have.  We aren't a very big family but our big love for one another makes up for it.
We all accept each other as we are and we defend one another to the ends of the earth.
I have my sis who is my best friend in the Universe.  Nobody else knows as much about me as she does and she still likes me!  I consider myself blessed to have her in my life.
My daughter is the most wonderful woman.  She is warm and caring and fun too.
She can light up the room when she comes in.  I have been so lucky to be her mom.
My nephew is a creative and funny individual.  He has so much talent to share and he can crack me up and always has been able to.  He used to do a Paul McCartney imitation that always made DH and I laugh our butts off and he was pretty young then.
My brother in law is a gem of a man.  He is kind and gentle and caring.  I just adore him.  My sister is a lucky woman to have found a man who is one in a million.
DH is wonderful.  Not long ago he was pretty ill and I worried sick about him but he came through with flying colors and even enjoyed the recuperation time.  Now that is a positive attitude.
My son is a compassionate and caring man.  He is a sci fi lover and has been since he was able to talk.  He is my Luke Skywalker.  I won the lotto when he was born.
Son's girl is a smart and sassy girl who has the good sense to love my son with all our heart.  She is a fine addition to our family.
That just leaves me.  What can I say?  I'm a lucky gal.


Nancy Pennick said...

What a wonderful tribute to the family!

SUE said...

Well, you all deserve it xo

SUE said...
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