Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alien Nation 2

I was running errands yesterday and I pulled into a large parking lot.  I always choose a space kind of far from the door because I need to get my 10,000 steps in every day so as I looked around I saw a twin Soul so I parked right next to it.
As I was locking up and wondering if anyone would have the nerve to put my antennae topper onto the other car to trick us, a gentleman approached.
I figured he was the owner of the other Soul so I prepared to tell him my musings.  Maybe he'd find it funny too.
Well, he didn't own the Soul and he didn't rob me or anything like that.  He said his wife wants a Soul and how do I like mine.  I went into my short spiel about how wonderful it is and how we drove it all the way to Santa Fe, NM and it was perfect.  He nodded in all the right places, asked me if you could put a big dog in the back(of course you can) and asked about gas mileage.  He then said, she wants a green one.  I said maybe she should think about another color as there are about a gazillion green ones.  He said oh, no she would only get green and look at my truck down there it is from 1998 and it's green just like yours.  There's nothing new about it.
Well, I guess he told me but I get the last laugh.  The alien nation just grew by one.  Watch out world, we may have a plan. BWAHAHAHA.

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