Friday, August 16, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

Well, Sis and I went to lunch yesterday to celebrate her birthday.  We love going to the tea room.  It's so girly and pretty. Plus we love tea.  It is always a sinful lunch.
We had reservations for noon and we made sure we were on time. On time, got that?
We waited for our waitress to pay attention to us for about half the time we were there.  Now, granted, we have all the time in the world but nobody likes to feel ignored.
It was such slow service that I was getting antsy.  I mean really how hard is it to come over to two tables instead of doing just one and returning to the kitchen and then doing another table when that's done?  Getting our food was not half as bad as paying the bill.  My little credit card sat and sat.  I even think I heard it cry out, Come and get me.
That's how long it took.
We watched three tables get their bills, pay their bills and leave before the waitress even paid us any attention.  And they all had come in AFTER US!
Usually, I have a lot of empathy for the wait staff.  I know they work hard for not much pay.  That's why I am a good tipper.  At least 20%, more if they did a good job.
Once we even tipped 100% for a nice kid who waited on us.
This woman needs to get a different job.  The poor thing didn't even know what I wanted for dessert when I said lemon pie because she called it luscious lemon ice cream pie.  She looked a little confused and then brightened up and said Oh, luscious lemon pie.  Yep.
Did we complain?  No, only to each other.  Did I tip?  Yep, a little over 20%.  I don't carry a grudge..........much.

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