Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wine a Little Wine for Me

So I got this great idea to Drive to Sirna's Farm Market to buy wine.  It didn't seem too far away and the newspaper said they had the most extensive choices of Ohio wines.  It had our name on it, right?
So I convinced my WP to go along and it didn't take even one arm twist. She was all over it and even offered to drive.  We set out and drove and drove until we finally came to open country with trees and a lake and more trees and fields of grass.  In other words, we were in the middle of nowhere.
We were sure we were lost but the GPS lady kept saying we weren't so we carried on and suddenly this little white building appeared and it was Sirna's.
Now let me tell you that I thought the place was going to be huge.  It was written up in the newspaper for heaven's sake.  Well, we entered with not much hope.
We looked at the "fresh" produce. It was ok, but not thrilling.  We looked in the refrigerator case and were not impressed but then we got to the wine rack and WOWZA!  We hit paydirt.
This guy does have an extensive Ohio wine collection and he told me he is adding more all the time.  He wants to get a tasting license but his wife doesn't want him to do it. LOL
While we were looking at wine and WP was on the phone with her brother letting him know what we found so he could place an order, another customer walked in and headed to the corn bin.  I thought he looked like Bernie Kosar and I asked WP if she thought it was him.
Well, little did I know that he is her all time favorite football player and she just about fainted dead away.  She wanted a picture with him so badly and the kid that worked there told her to go for it.
Now  I bet you think I'm going to say he turned her down and was mean.  Quite the contrary, he was pleasant and friendly and even told her to check the picture to make sure she liked it.
He is 6 foot 5 and she is 5 foot 2  so they looked pretty funny together.  I kept kidding them I wasn't sure I could get them both in the picture.

So our drive turned out to be on of the best days WP ever had and I have to confess, I had a great time too.  (I'll try to download the picture tomorrow.  I can't get it to go on today for some reason. I need my IT guy.)

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