Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr. O

You may be familiar with the evil villain, Dr. No from James Bond.  Well, I have met his evil sister and she showed up on my soap.  This woman:

She is a real baddie  yet hilarious in her own way.  She has a daughter that she sent to Port Charles to stir up trouble.  Others on the show call the daughter Britch instead of Britt.  So you get the picture.  Well, she has an evil mother so what else would she be?
But this post is not about Britch, it's about Mommy Dearest aka Dr. Obrecht.  In the picture you see  her cunning face.  That's when she gives the daughter advice-- none of which is good.  It's always twisted and based on the mother's own past.
She really hates this one woman who "stole" her lover, Britt's crazy as a loon father.
So she is out to kill her.  Naturally.  It's a soap, people.
Anyway, she can go from the cunning face to the evil face in a split second.  She is so good at it and her Germanic accent really helps.  Last week she donned a crappy blond wig and headed over to a private party at a bar where they were doing Karaoke and she somehow got in.  Not so private after all. 
People sang Karaoke and then she got up and sang "Is That All There Is?" an old torch song from the sixties.  It was the funniest, creepiest thing you ever heard.  I laughed until I nearly fell off the couch. All the time she had an eye peeled on her "enemy" who she had given a poison drink.
That's what I love about the soaps.  There's drama but the laughs are even better.

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