Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Red Bra

My WP(workout partner, in case you are new) told me about a show she saw where a 109 year old woman was in a store to buy a red lace bra for her birthday.  The show is called Double Divas.  Apparently, she is still stacked at 109!  I would think her boobs were sagging down to her belly button by now but who knows?  Truly, I never even met anyone that old.  I was just guessing by the state of my own boobs.
I never owned a red bra.  I've had other colors and a sexy black one when I was young but now it's just beige, beige, beige.
When I was young I didn't ever want to wear a bra.  Well, that is not precisely true.  In the 5th grade, my best friend, Susan(of course, remember what I told you?)got a training bra and I was green with envy.  I asked my mom for one and she laughed.  Really, she laughed.
And she could keep right on laughing until they sprouted a little in 9th grade.
But in my twenties and thirties, I found bras constricting and since I was pretty perky, not really necessary.  However, being a teacher, bralessness was frowned upon, hence the black bra and its colorful companions.
Now drooping has won and I wear a bra for most of the day.  I have to be honest though, some evenings when it's just me and DH, I whip that baby off and I swear I can hear my boobs heave a sigh of relief.
I'm sure lots of you have opinions about bras so feel free to share here in the comments if you like.
Let me leave you with this final thought.
I hope you all live to a healthy 109 and you still want a red bra for your birthday!!

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