Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Still Bug Wars

Who would have thought that a few fruit flies could last so long?  They must procreate like.......well, fruit flies.  We have a new strategy.  Guess who came up with it?  General DH at your service.  He didn't like the juryrigged traps I set so he read on line and went and got a funnel.  He poured wine in a glass and covered it with the funnel.  Supposedly that is going to do the trick.  Why they aren't diving into my present traps is a mystery.  Perhaps they notice their dead comrades floating around.
Personally, I think we are on the 7th generation of fruit flies and they are just getting smarter.  I must have insulted them when I said they had teeny tiny brains.
Anyway, last night they got some revenge.  I went in the bedroom and took off the throw pillows and lo! and behold!!  this guy came scurrying out.
In bug wars, this guy is the Tank!  He is the big gun.  He is the creepiest bug one could find at 11 pm in the bedroom.  On the bed!!
Well, as a good soldier should, I screamed bloody murder and General DH came to the rescue.  He trapped it, flushed it and it was over.  Too bad he can't do that with those pesky fruit flies.

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