Friday, August 9, 2013


I have now seen everything!  Behold, a chicken in a diaper.  It seems silly I know but I heard they put them on the chickens to keep salmonella poisoning from happening.  No specifics were given.
How would you like that job?  First, putting them on would be no picnic and second, imagine taking them off.  OHMYGOSH!
But, if you can hold your breath and get past it, you can make a diaper for your chicken by following a few simple directions.  You can easily find them on the Internet as I did(totally by accident).
You need a soft cloth(HAHA) and you need to measure your chicken.  No sh*t--no pun intended.
See, how easy is that?  You can make a plain one like the one in the picture but personally, I prefer a flowered one like the one in the instructions I found.
So, if you want your pet chicken to come indoors or you just like diapers, this is the plan for you.
Personally, never having a pet chicken and I changed enough diapers in my life , thank you very much!

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