Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cross Words

I do crossword puzzles and every once in a while, something odd will happen.  One of the clues will be something I was just talking about or doing.  Sometimes it is the name of a friend or family member.
Today I hit the jackpot and had two.  I believe this is called synchronicity. 
This morning we had to walk at the mall and WP and I were saying that we hated being ogled by the old men who sit around the mall and drink coffee.  They are not what you would call discreet about it.  Sure enough, there was a clue today: "look at lecherously".  See?
But that wasn't all.  After walking at the mall and cleaning myself up I went to Super KMart and bought a bunch of gluten free products for my DD.  I never expected to hit pay dirt there, as I told her.  Son of a gun, there it was in my crossword puzzle.  Here is the clue:"Strike it rich".  Well, there you go.
Two synchronicities at once.  I never would have thought that a puzzle would reflect my life!

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