Friday, August 2, 2013

Stop Bugging Me

Ok  Imagine this guy except the picture is 100,000 times bigger than it actually is.
He's been in my bathroom for 4 days.  It is driving me crazy.
I have tried smooshing it while at rest(it, not me) and it always gets away.  So I tried clapping it to death.  Frankly, I almost fell off the toilet ...and I still missed.
Yes, I tried to kill it when I was on the potty.  So sue me.
So I tried clapping it to death again while standing.  No luck.
Yesterday, it sat on the wall forever.  Like 5 whole minutes.  I was sure it was tuckered out and I would get it for sure this time.  Nope and nope.
It rarely leaves the bathroom.  I guess because the bathroom is about as big as the universe would be to you or me.  It was in the bedroom yesterday and I thought I got it but, sonofagun, wasn't it back in the bathroom today.
So I decided that I will live in peace and harmony with the poor thing.  After all, it must really be hard to be lost in the vast universe.
It better not let it's guard down though.

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