Saturday, August 17, 2013


Frankly, one of my favorite past times is eavesdropping.  OK, I know it's wrong and I shouldn't do it but sometimes you just can't help it, if you know what I mean.
Yesterday, I was in a department store with Sis to do some returns and there was a long line and only one woman manning the register so we had to wait.  And honest, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation the women in front of us were having.  Well, one woman was having most of it.
She was wearing orange tennis shoes and told the others that her husband bought them for her so she was always on the lookout for things to go with them.  Hence the orange pants, the hot pink, orange and purple top, the orange bag, the orange, hot pink and purple bangles.  Well, then, here comes the kicker.  She pulls the collar of her top down and says even the underwear.
OK, it was just a peek for them but the woman was my age at least and who wants to see an old lady's underwear, matching or not?
Then she continues to tell them about her husband, that paragon of virtue and how he still sews on his grandma's old treadle sewing machine.  Oh boy!!  Wouldn't he appreciate that being told to strangers?  Or anyone for that matter.
If you are shopping, don't tell your life history to the others around you.  Someone may be eavesdropping, probably me.

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