Sunday, March 9, 2008

All the Knowledge of the Universe

We were watching a Batman cartoon(I know I know) and all the bad guy wanted from the aliens for his cooperation was all the knowledge of the universe. I got to thinking about that. It sure would be a burden! Of course, a bad guy would use it to take over the world. I always love it when the bad guy tries to take over the world. Somebody, usually the hero's girl or her father says, "You must be MAD!!!!!!" It's my favorite part.
Knowing everything if you were a good guy would be really rough too. Don't you think it would be hard to convince people that you really did know everything??? I mean I would need proof-- a lot of it and I am not even that skeptical of a person. Everyone would have to agree that you did indeed have all the knowledge and agree to let you use it. Even then, what exactly would you do with it? A good guy is not going to take over the world so pretty soon he might just go mad too!!! What if you knew how to fix all the world problems and nobody would listen or cooperate? What if you knew how to generate all the energy we need for the entire world and every one just said, "Sure, sure." If you knew how to stop starvation and the politicians just ignored your pleas? Let's face it. That could happen. Haven't inventors over the years known how to run a car on something beside fossil fuels?? What happened to them?
Everybody might be a little scared of you too. After all if you have all the knowledge then you might realize I'm not the person I say I am. You'd probably end up shunned or something. Then you probably could go mad.
Knowing isn't everything. Feeling is just as important. Take away feelings and what does knowledge really do for you? I know I use my feelings just as often as my knowledge. I'm not sure if it is the way to go... I have gotten into a few messes in my day by using feeling instead of knowledge but a good mix of the two seems to me the way to go.
If you have all the knowledge does it enhance your feelings or obliterate them? I don't know that anyone would want to find out. I know I wouldn't.
Feelings can skew things a bit. Your feelings can misguide or misdirect you. If you aren't really sure of yourself your feelings can rule you. I don't think anyone should be led by just feelings or just knowledge. You need both to make good decisions. You need both to have good relationships with others. I think that is why we have both.
Anyway if you are wondering what happened to the bad guy--his brain was fried. Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing too.
Knowledge is power, so they say. It just seems to me that if you had all the knowledge of the Universe you could figure out that Batman was really Bruce Wayne!

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