Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thar She Blows

Oh my gosh! I can barely see across the street. It is so snowy and blowing it is obscuring my view out the window. This isn't a pretty snow. This is dangerous snow. This is not snow angel snow or snowman snow. I know because this morning we were out in it. I know, I know. What were we thinking?? Well, we were thinking we would like to eat for the rest of the weekend. We were thinking we should do our usual walk so we don't get any fatter. We were thinking we shouldn't break a date with our son for breakfast in downtown Willoughby. I was thinking I wouldn't have to drive. Kevin was thinking"Goody,goody,gumdrops."
Remember that old expression? We heard it the other day on the show, Mad Men. We just looked at each other and said, Remember that??" And started laughing! Kevin thinks it started on the Jackie Gleason show but I'm not so sure.
I remember kids in elementary school saying it. It was supposed to be an expression of joy but it turned into one of those sarcastic things you say to show how bored or sophisticated you were.(in the third grade!?!) Some kids could say it so snotty that it sounded like an insult. It is so old fashioned sounding I am thinking of starting using it again. See if anybody picks up on it and starts saying it.
Did you ever notice how if a friend uses an expression you start using it too? My sister started calling a certain fabric "boing-boing" and my daughter and I do the same to this day. You know the stuff-that polyester fabric that has alot of stretch to it? My daughter's dress for her first homecoming dance was made out of it and had sparkly roses on it. They make a lot of seperates out of it now. I remember thinking that if Meg twirled to much when she was dancing she might put on quite a show!
When you work with someone, you do the same thing. I know I picked up expressions from my teaching partner and she did from me. Sometimes when she was addressing a child, she sounded just like me. I know I sounded just like her a lot of the time too.
It is really funny when your kids do it. I love hearing my kids use an expression I use. I wonder if they hate it and think they sound just like their mother.I remember when I thought I sounded just like my mother. Sometimes it was fine but most of the time it just made me feel old!!!!
Anyway, the weather people are predicting that the storm will be over by tomorrow and the sun is even going to shine. Goody, goody, gumdrops!

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