Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come Fly With Me

I met my friends,M and J, those beautiful and thin women who are such good friends of mine, for lunch. I was a little late because I was flying. No, really.
My sister told me about a website called and I finally went there to start my second life. We read an article about a woman who had a singing career there and it piqued our interest. So I made an avatar(a tiny little me) and off I went to what they call Orientation Island. I was going along slowly and carefully because I am new to this and I feel a little intimidated. I was doing all right too. I followed the signs they had for you and learned a little more at each link.
Then came the link of my dreams! You could fly. Like Superman. Just like I had always dreamed. I have had flying dreams my whole adult life. I have flown after enemies and chased them through the woods. I have flown just for the joy of the wind in my hair and the feeling of lightness. Just think of the freedom! The whole idea thrills me to the core.
Anyway, I was supposed to fly from the spot I was in to a red beacon. I couldn't see a beacon on my screen so I thought maybe I had to get going and it would appear so I took off. You had to press the up and down buttons and the arrow buttons to move around and it was a little hard and required concentration. I was doing ok until I realized I still didn't see the beacon and I suddenly started going up and over and around and I tried to retrace my steps and find my way back to where I started and suddenly I was in the sky and it was black and the stars were out and I think I was in outer space so I panicked and tried to get back. After flying around a bit I finally saw another person hovering around so I went to ask for help.
Well, the guy was a hawk guy. He had a hawk face but I still asked him and he just typed back a?. He didn't get what I was saying so I tried again. You can see the little avatar typing--the little arms go up and down-- so he was taking a while so I thought I would just go up a little to see what else was around and all of a sudden I was flying all over the place and I couldn't get back to the hawk guy. He must really think I am rude or dumb or both. OH, well.
Anyway just about that time I heard the beginning strains of All My Children from the TV and OHMYGOSH I was supposed to be at lunch at 1:00! Lucky for me, we met close to my house so I wasn't that late. I explained to J and M why I was late a little later and you have never seen two women laugh so much! I told them the whole story and also that half way to the restaurant, I realized I had left myself hanging in thin air! What a goofball!
Just think if any other person came by me. It would sound something like this.
New Avatar: Hello
New Avatar: I said hello
Susan: Silence
New Avatar: What is the matter with you?
Susan: Silence
New Avatar: You BI-OTCH!!!
Susan: Silence
Oh, dear. I probably have a reputation of a stuck up snob now and I was only there one time! Oh well, I'm no Superman!

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Your Daughter said...

You are too funny. Be careful out there. :)