Saturday, March 29, 2008

John and Joe

Have you noticed that John McCain has a new buddy? It is Joe Lieberman, the old vice president nominee. He was at McCain's side on his trip overseas. He was seen whispering into McCain's ear at every turn.
What is up with that? Do they go everywhere together now? I don't have anything against Joe Lieberman, mind you. I don't really know anything about him. I just don't think any candidate should have a "wing man" telling him what to say or how to say it or how to correct it. He did it when McCain said Iran harbored Al-Kaida terrorists. That was one time the press publicly noted his interference.
Since then I have seen him on numerous occasions, talking into McCain's ear right in the public eye like it was a normal, every day occurrence. He's like McCain's Jiminy Cricket!
I can just hear him.
JL: Excuse me , John, but you don't want to say that. We are in the Middle East. You should know the difference between Iran and Iraq. Be careful what you say. We don't want your nose growing, now do we?
JMc: Huh? This isn't Pennsylvania?
JL: Uh, John, you already won the nomination. We don't have to go to Pennsylvania.
JMc: Oh, yeah.
I read an op/ed piece the other day about John McCain answering that now famous"3a.m. phone call." The writer put Joe Lieberman in bed with McCain and his wife. Not for any reason except to advise him on what he should do. Poor Mrs. McCain.
Mrs. McC: Joe, what the...?
JL: Sorry, Cindy, but we don't want him to blow it.
JMc: Who goes there?
Mrs. McC: It's just Joe, honey.
JMc: Well, quit hogging the covers!
I don't know about you but I want the president to say whatever he says to be his own words. I know they all have advisers but let them stay in the background and out of sight where they belong.

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