Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pet Peeves

I have a new pet peeve. Yesterday on my way home from Parma, an ODOT crew was filling holes on the freeway. I am all for filling the potholes, mind you. However, they were over on the right berm with their truck and as I was approaching two of the workers, with shovels of asphalt RAN across three lanes of the highway to dump the contents and tamp them down as they furtively glanced back and forth. I was in the fourth lane over, thank goodness. They did have one of those blinking arrow signs but I didn't know that that meant get over THREE LANES!!
My other pet peeve is the drivers who follow so close behind you that they appear to be sitting in your back seat! What is up with that?? What if you have to stop fast? Don't they notice my scowling face in the mirror?? A lot of people do it too. Mostly men.
I have an old pet peeve that I had to give up. When I was young I hated it when women I didn't know(especially old ones) called me hon or honey. I had to give that one up when I started doing it myself. I do it all the time to cashiers and sales people. I think it's friendly.
I was going to replace that one with people calling me ma'am. That really didn't work out though because who am I kidding? I am a ma'am. I sure don't want to be called honey now! Now it means somebody really thinks you are old and possible one foot in lala land. It seems a slightly veiled condescending word.
I got called ma'am at Grand Friends day yesterday. Two boys met me at the entrance of the school and asked if I wanted help to the door!!! I started to say no but they looked so serious and anxious I said sure. They each offered me their arms so we went in together. Those boys called me ma'am. It was pretty cute. And I would have clobbered them if they had called me honey!!!!!!!

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