Monday, March 17, 2008

Ms. Lucky

It's St. Patrick's day and this day hasn't meant much to me since I left my twenties. If I wasn't married to the world's biggest leprechaun, the day would pass with no mention at all. When I was still teaching we had a little celebration with green food and drink. Mostly to teach the concept of the color and to share food together.
I don't know much about St. Patrick. I think he had something to do with rats. I can't figure out how a guy associated with rats also got associated with luck but he did. Maybe that is why he is a saint. It must be rough to be a saint. I have a hard enough time just being nice. It is so easy to be mean. Just look around at the way most people treat each other!
I will probably wear something green today. I try to keep at least one piece of green clothing in my wardrobe. It wont be fancy though. Too many errands to do today to get too fancy. We will have dinner with my son. Not corned beef and cabbage though. Not at our house! I'll probably just serve broccoli with the roast.
Everybody is going green now. Even in home decor, the natural colors are popular. They even make clothes out of bamboo! That just sounds itchy to me. I try to be green. I have fabric grocery bags now and I turn off lights all the time. I try to wash clothes less often(now that is an easy one!) by making larger loads. I don't drive around as much and I plan my route to be as efficient as possible.
I feel pretty lucky too and I am not even a saint and I have nothing to do with rats. I am healthy and smart and have a wonderful family and great friends. I don't have too many problems and I handle my daily life pretty well. Too me that is luck. Now I never won the lottery or a giant prize or even much money in Vegas. That kind of luck has eluded me so far. I don't really mind though. What in the world would I do with a lot of money anyway? Well, I'd travel and see this country of ours. I'd buy a house in Santa Fe and Orlando and keep the house I have now. I'd go and buy a whole new wardrobe. I would donate money to all my favorite charities. I'd buy a new Beetle(yes, really). I'd give my kids and my family money too...... I could go on!
We used to have kids write about their three wishes. If I got my three wishes, life would sure be different. I would ask for tolerance, prosperity and world peace. We'd all be lucky then!

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