Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chicks and Bunnies

I love Easter. It is a time of renewal and peace. The weather is getting warm, the little crocuses are starting to bloom, the tulips are pushing their way through the earth...wait, what's that you say? There are six inches of snow? It is 25 degrees outside? I better wear my boots instead of my Easter bonnet? Oh, well.
You can't take the joy of the season away from me. Jesus still died for our sins and came back from the grave. He still gave the message of love and peace and inner beauty. That is still there no matter what the weather.
Now , I love bunnies too. Not real bunnies. Yuck!!! Just those cute stuffed ones. The kind you find in gift shops and discount stores. I love how they are so soft and have big eyes and pretty eyes. Real bunnies are a real letdown after fake bunnies. They look kind of dumb. They are always twitching their noses and pretty much just sit around in the pet shops. If you see one outside it is just jumping.
I really stopped liking real bunnies in Europe. There were blind bunnies at this one campsite I stayed at. They were so bold because they couldn't see and they were all over the place. Then at our first house, we saw bunnies doing the mating dance in our front yard. You never saw anything like it in your life. That male bunny jumped and spread its legs out so high and far I thought it would split in two. They made babies all right(what girl could resist that?) but left them to die in our pachysandra.(now I really didn't know how to spell that thanks, spellcheck) Oh, yuck.
Now chicks are really cute. Fluffy little things and so sweet and chirpy. We used to see them at the mall. They would have eggs hatching all through the season. The only problem with chicks is that they grow up to be chickens. Now chickens are gross. They smell. I know because I had a friend who had a farm and we took the kids there. Oh, yuck.
Anyway, as a kid, I always loved those tiny little fake chicks made out of fluff. They come in packages of 12 or so in the craft stores now and they are really tiny. Not Peeps, that is a whole different story. These are just for decoration.
When we were kids they used to dye chicks for Easter but that is inhumane now. I always wanted one of those when I was a kid but knowing what I know about chickens now, I am glad I never got one. Who wants a smelly pet?

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