Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here we Vote again

Voting at 6:30AM So I just hopped out of bed and got dressed and went to vote with Kevin since it is supposed to be so bad out today. First, not that bad outside, which was a good sign. Ice was all over the car but that was no big deal to Kevin and he scraped it right up and we were off.Not many people were there at that hour but those who were looked surprisingly awake. Nobody was carrying one of those gallon size cups of coffee or anything. I felt surprisingly awake myself!This was all too good to be true. So the girl who was ahead of me and one other woman had changed her address and her last name. Uh-oh! The worker looked a little confused and her confusion grew as the kid kept saying it might be under my old name and the worker kept saying oh no honey. She called the Board of Elections after a bit of a go around and then explained to them 4 or 5 times that this young woman needed to vote but changed her address and name. Finally she got the go ahead. In the meantime, the woman in front of me has steam coming out of her ears! I could feel the anger wafting off of her and I was getting a little nervous. I hate conflict and dont want it to happen right in front of me. The woman turns around and now I am really worried cause I think she is going to drag me into it to...and it is the young woman's mother. They were the spitting image of each other. So now I'm trying not to laugh. I don't know what I thought would happen but I didnt expect twins of different age groups. She was mad as a hornet but thankfully she said nothing.Speaking of twins, our neighbors, the twin sisters were voting. Haven't seen them in years. Boy, they got old!(heehee) like we didn't. They probably didn't even recognize us! Anyway, I like the touch screen we have now. It is easy and quick. I got to vote as a Democrat for the first time and I'm not telling who I chose yet. Maybe in another post.So I came home and went right back to bed and didnt get up until now. The clock will probably say some ungodly hour that I typed this but it is almost 10am and I just got up. How lazy can you get?? I'll probably do this again when it is time to vote for President. Get up early, I mean. Oh, and vote too.

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Nancy said...

I went at 1:30pm and no one was there! Got right in!