Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eeny,Meeny, Miney,Mo

Last night we were both tired and decided to just watch a little television not really caring what was on. I was reading a novel and Kevin was perusing the paper while the TV was on. After a little while, the genital herpes girl came on. You know her, she wants to be careful and so does her boyfriend(especially him, he doesn't have it) We HATE that ad so we muted it and continued reading after discussing how much we hate that ad.
We watched and read companionably until the fibromyalgia woman came on. She is so fragile and everything hurts so much but she has managed to write a journal that is as thick as a dictionary. We HATE that ad so we muted it after discussing how much we hate that woman. We discussed how annoying she is and wussy after we muted the ad.
Now don't think we are cruel and think genital herpes is the consequence of bad behavior or that fibromyalgia is all in your head. We don't think that at all. But the ads! Why, why,why?
Then came the highlight of the evening--the Viagra boys. I'm sure you've seen them. They have their own band now. They are so annoying they make us want to scream. So once again, we used the mute button until it was over and our show resumed.
So now the question is this?? Which one is the most annoying? The herpes girl, the fybromyalgia woman, or the Viagra boys? I am taking an informal poll so if you read this blog let me know what you think. It only takes a second to open a Google account and it doesn't cost a cent. Oh, who am I voting for? I'll let you know--the jury is still out.


Brian said...

All of the above. De-regulating prescription drug advertising was one of the worst things to happen.

Reagan (or whoever regulated it in the first place) is rolling in his grave.

dollbaby said...

you are way too funny, there are so many commercials that bug the crap out of me, i will have to think..hmmmmm....i'll get back to you...and the woman for the fybrom...she looks like she is going to take her last breathe!!

beth said...

ALL of them! fibro woman acts like she's got a hour to live, no one cares if herpes girl is careful or not (only her boyfirend does) and the viagra boys are just too goofy! Yuck!

Nancy said...

I tivo most commercials but from the little I've seen, I would have to vote for them all.