Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey, it's a sunny day!

Hooray! The sun is shining this morning and it seems only right since this is the first day of spring. Of course, you have to ignore the snow that is piled up on the lawn since last night. But who cares about snow when there is sun.
Everybody I know feels better when it is a sunny day. I don't know very many people who love day after gloomy day of grayness. Oh, I know. Eeyore, the donkey! Just kidding, I don't think he is a person.
A sunny day helps you feel ambitious which is a good thing. It even makes you think about washing windows. That is one chore that I have such a hard time with. I can never get those darn windows as clean as I would like. There are always streaks when I am done. I have used every trick that I have heard of. Newspaper for wiping, white vinegar and water, the newest products and still there are those darn streaks. You know those birds who advertise Windex? Well, they're liars.
Another chore I hate is dusting. I don't know why. It is pretty easy. Now those new products really work. I love my swiffers and dust cloths. In no time, the whole house is dusted with little effort. I should do it every day it is so easy. But I don't.
I thought when I retired I would be Mrs. Clean. My house would be immaculate and I would be so proud. Guess what? My house is not immaculate and I am still proud. I have too many other things to do and people to see to worry about a perfectly clean and spotless house. I don't ignore chores around the house but I am not possessed with getting things done either. There is always tomorrow!
A sunny day makes you feel like smiling. I always try to settle a pleasant look on my face out in public as I know I can look pretty unapproachable. My mouth has a tendency to turn downward so I force it upward. Even when I am home alone I try to keep a smile on my face. At least a little one. It is kinda hard to keep a smile on my face when I am carrying a load of dirty laundry or on hold on the phone, but I try. There was an old song that said "let a smile be your umbrella." Old Eeyore should take that advice!
I used to love Eeyore. I really identified with his plight. I still love him but now I feel sorry for him and amused by his need to be noticed. Being noticed is important but it isn't everything. I always wanted to be famous when I was younger. First as a Broadway star, next as a famous educator, then as a children's author, then as an expert on early childhood, and then I figured out that being famous had a tremendous price I didn't want to pay. Privacy was gone. That smile I make myself have would become force and phony instead of natural and easy.
So I guess sunny days make me think too. This one is making me think I should wrap this blog up so I can get out there and enjoy this sunny day before my smile isn't the only umbrella I need!

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