Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunshine and Snow

Snow sure looks different on a sunny day. On Saturday, it was chilling and a little frightening. Driving was hazardous and streets were closed. The wind blew and knocked out power. It was dark all day and evening. The snow was desolate and cut us off from others.
On Sunday, the sun was shining and the snow was sparkling. It looked like someone had thrown glitter across the city. The rooftops were covered in sculptures of snow that the wind had carved. Everything was so white it took your breath away and you had to squint.
Saturday we forced ourselves to go out and do errands. Sunday we went out to play. We took a long drive and admired the scenery. We came home and tromped through the front yard to see how high up my leg the drifts were. It was the crunchy kind of snow that you step on and think it will hold you up at first and then THUD! your leg goes straight down to the ground below. I only got in about two steps before I realized I had to get out too! Kevin took my picture and helped me out of there or I swear I'd still be in the snow up to my knees! Not a well thought out plan.
In our backyard we saw a deer just standing and staring. Not a lot else to do in all that snow I guess. We got a picture of it on Saturday but on Sunday there was no sign of it. I wonder where it was? Maybe it went out to play too.
We have our own little mountain in the backyard too. It was formerly known as our air conditioning unit but now it is a snow mountain. It is about 6 feet high--not exactly a mountain but that's why I call it little. There was just one path of footsteps from Kevin going around to photograph all the snow so we could send pictures to our poor (haha) relatives in sunny places who are missing all the fun.
The funny thing was, I didn't feel cold. It was only about 20 degrees out there but I felt warm. I wasn't bundled up too much. I had on my yellow marshmallow coat that makes me look like a PEEP and gloves and boots. I didn't even have on a hat. I stayed outdoors longer than I have since it was summer.
Anyway, we came in the house with rosy cheeks and laughing which made us feel like kids again. Sunshine and snow can do that to you!

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