Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dairy Queen Head

I bet you think I am going to write about my addiction to that creamy confection but you would be wrong. Every morning when I get up my hair looks like a dairy queen ice cream cone. That's right a little swirl on the top and everything. You might reckon it to a Kewpie doll or Bob's Big Boy. I'm sure you are getting a mental image even as you read this. Not a pretty sight to be sure but I have come to terms with the whole thing. Some days I can tame that baby back into the usual style but some mornings it just has to be washed and fussed over. This morning was one of those mornings when the cone would just not be tamed!
Now washing my hair is not a real big deal. It is short and dries in a hot minute if you will forgive the pun. It is shiny and flat as a pancake until I use product. What did we ever do without product?? I have used it to flatten my hair, puff up my hair, curl my hair, straighten my hair, spike my hair, fluff my hair.......need I say more?? Remember when we only had hairspray? It used to turn your hair into a real helmet. Well at least it did for everyone else I knew. Hairspray always gave me a lovely helmet of perfect hair for about 5 minutes and then it was just flat and helmety(is that a word??) Or how about if you got caught out in the rain? Or had swimming class first period?(oh wait, that was in high school)
Now product saves the day If it gets wet you just fluff it back up with a blowdryer and Ta-Da you are back to your sparkling self. Did you love it when we finally got blowdryers? Remember how they were such a new invention? Well, guess what? They weren't! I read Shirley Temple's autobiography(I know, I know) and didn't she write about how they blow dried those cute little ringlets of hers--that was the THIRTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what those women in Hollywood have now that we regular gals will get in thirty years from now!?!
It takes a long time to come to terms with one's hair. Girls with curly hair want straight hair. Girls with straight hair want curly hair. You know what I mean. I love my hair now. It is silver and shiny and easy to style. Do you like how I call it silver instead of grey?? Much better connotation. It only has to get cut once a month and only washed every few days.(See above)
However, there is the dairy queen head problem.... oh, well, they probably have a product for that OUT IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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