Saturday, March 1, 2008

Call Me

So Kevin is on call this weekend. That means every time the phone rings or his pager goes off our life is on hold. I know this is a necessary part of his job but I do hate it. Once a month the whole weekend is blown. Just the anticipation of the calls rules our life. Can't go to the movies, can't shop, can't make any plans, sometimes we can't even go to the mall to walk! And that pager!! I could cheerfully toss that into the nearest dump(after I stomp on it vigorously and jump up and down on it). The worst part is that it goes off even if he isn't on call. Then it is a real pain because he always looks! He pretends not to but he does--every time. I refuse to take it on vacation and I know he wishes he could. Now I thought I was the only one who felt this way but a random conversation with the nurse at the doctor's office demonstrated that you are never really alone. We discovered that we were both going on vacation at the same time. And Sue(she is named Sue too--as was every tenth girl in our generation) says to me "And no way is he taking his beeper and his phone!! It is always going off and I just hate it. It's bad enough that he'll call the office every day if I don't stop him." His beeper will be next to Kevin's in the dump someday!
I really don't like the phone. All those OUT OF AREA calls are such a pain. I don't even answer them. I used to and most of the time it was silence or a computer. What a waste. Hate those telemarketers too. I know they have to make a living but REALLY? If you say no thanks they should have to hang up right away. My daughter tried to be a telemarketer at one time and she just couldn't do it. She was let go after she talked an old woman out of buying the magazines she was selling. The old lady was on a fixed income...she just couldn't go through with it.
I don't like talking on the phone much either. I like email. It is succinct and to the point. Some people don't like email at all. I always thought the phone left too much to interpretation. No one can see your facial expression over the phone but now one email you can add one of those little faces or LOL or whatever and then the other person knows.
That is not to say that I won't talk on the phone. Ask my sister and my daughter. In two days I logged over three hours on the phone with them. The phone is my daughter's and my life line. She calls me every day on her way to work(Well, almost every day) and gives me a rundown of her life. Sometimes we talk philosophically and sometimes we just chat.
Anyway this is getting kinda rambly and I don't want to be a rambler so I will sign off for now. Oh, crap, Kevin just got paged again!!!! And I want to go to Target(imagine that crying smiley face here). LOL!

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