Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Trash a Day in Ten Seconds

I woke up yesterday and smiled in anticipation of my wonderful day ahead. I had everything all planned. First, I would go to the cake decorating store and get the items I needed to make my Easter dessert. Then, I would go to the Richmond Mall to look around. Later in the morning I was meeting my sister-in-law for some time together. I was going to meet two friends for lunch and shop at Coldwater Creek who had sent me a postcard for 60% off on clearance items. I even knew what I was going to have for lunch!!
I took my shower and got dressed real nice(no sweats) and got ready to set off. I went into the garage and got in the car. I turned the key and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! What the???????????????? I tried it about ten times to no avail. I had to accept the fact that I wasn't going anywhere any time soon.
I called my husband who was SO helpful and he said to call AAA. No kidding! So I did and they sent a truck out pretty fast to give me a jump. NOTHING!!! Now what? So the kid called a tow truck and I called my friends at ESS Automotive. They could take the car and they would call me to tell me what the damage(think money) was. I wasn't going anywhere.
Ohmygosh!!!! I called my sister-in-law right away and cancelled our plans. Then, my friends. Wait! Did I have their phone numbers? We are mostly email buddies so I wasn't sure. I had to plough through about 500 emails until I finally found them. Thank goodness. I called them to and changed our plans.
Anyway, AAA sent the skeeviest dudes to my house that you ever did see. The jump guy was just scary--size of a foot ball player with a do-rag and a knitted skull cap. Nicest kid--but still a little scary at first. He called the tow truck and you should have seen those two! They looked like they had just had squirrel for breakfast. One guy had a giant(!) and I mean giant(!!) Afro ala 70's. He was skinny as a beanpole and his hair waved around as he walked. That's how big it was. He wasn't even black either. The other guy reminded me of Darryl, Larry and Darryl. Remember them from Bob Newhart's show? He had stringy hair and a jacket that he must have had for fifteen years and had never washed. They were nice as pie too as it turned out.
I don't like to judge a book by it's cover but really. COME ON! How could you send such unusual guys to people's homes? Anyway, I spent the day at home. My car was fixed by 5:30 and we picked it up later that evening.
Today I have BIG long as my car starts!

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