Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

I always wanted satin sheets for my bed. To me, they sounded like the height of luxury. Imagine the softness against your skin... The smooth coolness against your skin... Your head sliding off the pillow five times a night...WHAT????
Oh yes, I finally got satin sheets. They are beautiful. The are a golden yellow that match my bedspread perfectly. They are a shiny/not so shiny stripe. They are generous enough that they don't come off the corners of the bed during the night. The pillow cases are plenty big enough for our king size pillows. They were on a deep discount sale so they were even a bargain.
Some bargain. The first night my head slipped off my pillow about 20 times. I am getting better. I must hold my head a lot stiller but the upshot of that is I have a crick in my neck.
In the morning I have to strip the bed down to the bottom sheet because somehow in the night one of us (we share the blame) has pulled the entire sheet into a tight little wad on their side of the bed. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and the only thing covering me was about six square inches of bedspread and that was over my feet. Now we turn our thermostat down to around 65 at night so my little fanny was freezing!
Kevin doesn't get a better deal even though he is bigger and stronger. The slippage plays no favorites. This morning when I made the bed the top sheet was hanging on my side of the bed and about a foot out onto the carpet. He is warmer than I am most of the time so his fanny was probably fine.
I know what you're thinking...so take the sheets off the bed!!! Oh, but you should see how pretty it looks. And rich and fancy and pulled together. It looks decorated in my bedroom instead of I just made the bed.
So for the sake of beauty I am willing to suffer. You know what they say you have to suffer to be beautiful--oh, wait that was for beauty products. Maybe there is a beauty product for this crease on my face from where my head landed after I slipped off the pillow the last time.

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dollbaby said...

you are going to slide right off the bed, but the sheets will just look gorgeous!! i hope you have something to soften the blow when you go sailing onto the floor!!