Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soap Suds

I am a giant fan of the ABC soaps. I have watched them for many many years. I watched All My Children since the first day it was on. I have watched Erica go from a nasty teenager to a nasty adult and loved every minute of it. I have watched so long I can predict what will happen next even if I pray something different will happen.
Something is going on now that is just killing me. A father beat up a teenage girl's boyfriend because he thought they had sex.(Jury's still out on if they did or didn't) He beat the kid to a bloody pulp. He accused the kid of raping his daughter. He threatened to kill the kid. And guess what? HE IS GETTING AWAY WITH IT!
Now this boy's parents are dead but he does have a guardian and she is the DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Now wouldn't you think she would be insisting on pressing charges? The other person who looks out for this kid is a POLICE DETECTIVE!! What is wrong with these people? This show is One Life to Live and it's life may be over for me. I do tape it so I can fast forward the parts that bother me the most.
I want love in the afternoon. Remember that old saying? I want to see women dressed up in ball gowns and fancy weddings. I even loved it when the soap opera woman wasn't sure who the daddy was! I loved how couples professed their undying love and then six months later they had a new partner that the undyingly loved. I loved how people never really died on a soap. You could come back after a long absence and explain it away with memory loss, an identical twin, a doppelganger, or you stayed away because everyone you loved would be in danger if they knew you were still alive.
Now that was Soap heaven! Soap women used to wear evening gowns to clean the house(not really, they never clean the house) Soap men wore a tux to take you out to the movies(ok, so they never go to the movies but they would if they did)
Now Soap men just take off their shirts. Now mind you, that is fine with me. But they just take them off so randomly. This week a young guy on General Hospital was caught without a shirt on--well, without anything at all on and at least he had the good graces to be embarrassed!
Soap girls never take off their tops of course. They do go to the bra now which is ok. The part that bugs me is after they get down to the bra they always turn their back to the guy's bare chest and he starts making love to her in that position. OH, COME ON! Who does that?
Anyway, I sure would like to see a little more fun and passion and a little less anger and cruelty in my afternoon shows. In the meantime, I'll just have to keep fast forwarding!

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