Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whadda Ya Gonna Do?

I have had a "date" every day this week. I have met friends for lunch, attended Grand Friends day, and shopped. So this morning Kevin was kidding me --what would I do with myself next week??
I started to say "nothing." But instead out of my mouth came "I will work on my book, and clean the house for Easter. It's Easter week so I have to get ready. I'll have to go shopping and I'll get to see my sister after her trip!" I was so surprised. So many times when someone asks me what I did in a day I say "nothing." Lately I have realized that just isn't true.
Every morning I have to blog. I have to read the paper and have yogurt and tea. I HAVE to go to the store(HAHA) and look around. I have to fix food. I have to talk to my daughter. I have to reply to my email buddies. I have to read all the sites I like. I have to make comments about the soaps on one site I particularly like. I have to read. I could go on but I think you catch my drift.
I thought when I left the work force that I would do nothing. It is just not true. The last seven(!7!) years have been some of the most productive in my life.
That's not to say that doing nothing is wrong. Some days I love staying in my pj's for as long as possible. Staring out the window to "deer spot" to me is not wasteful. Thinking about the past and reminiscing is good too. I have remembered so much more about my parents and my elementary school days and old friends and relatives! When you are a working person, there is very little time for that kind of "nothing".
I used to think that nothing was a bad thing. It was filled with guilt and shame. I have learned that nothing can be healing and helpful to one's soul. I'm not really sure that there is really something we call "nothing" any more.
Maybe we all need to put a little "nothing" into our lives. As long as it is balanced with a good dose of "shop til you drop"!

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