Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby, You're A FIrework

I hate fireworks.  I know it is totally unAmerican of me but it is the truth.  I hated them ever since I was a little girl.  I hate the noise most of all and I hate the crowds that always gather and make it hard to get home when they're over.
Mostly, I hate the noise.
Plus they are usually boring.  Unless you're at Disneyworld.  They have the most beautiful fireworks you ever saw.  They are over the top and for some reason don't seem as noisy as the ones at home.
When we were kids, our family walked to the fireworks.  I really hated that part.  It seemed to take forever.
Then when we were a young family, we used to drive our kids to the fireworks.  It took forever to get out of there because of the traffic.
We saw fireworks at the stadium once and they were set to Beatles tunes.  I laughed hysterically through the whole thing.  I couldn't stop.  I was practically rolling on the floor.  Somehow Hey Jude and fireworks just struck me as funny and that was the end of me.  My sister in law and brother in law were there with us and I'm sure they thought I was nuts.
Last night, we watched the fireworks on television from Washington DC with music and no exploding noises.  That's my kind of fireworks.

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