Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the News

I now get an electronic paper every day.  Great! I thought to myself --no more piles of  paper in the family room.  I can keep my own archives right in a folder in my email.
It was such a good plan or so I thought.
I went into the folder today to get some information from yesterday that I wanted to tell you about and Lo! and Behold! when I clicked on yesterday's email--there was today's paper.  What???????  Where is yesterday?  I saved all those emails for nothing?
Sometimes the technology just pisses me off.  It should always work the way I want it to, right?  I can sympathize with those people who call DH for computer support.  They just want the darn thing to work. Period.
I can't get a pedometer that works right either.  Oh, that's not exactly true.  I had a good one and it got lost.  I tried about three other cheap ones but none of them worked.  So I had to get a new "good" one...for forty bucks.  Lost it on vacation.
I tried another two and neither one works right so I have now purchased a wrist pedometer that I am pinning my hopes on.
Anyway, back to the paper.  It runs funny or bizarre stories on Mondays that you may have missed.  I wanted to share them with you but they are out in the trash and it is trash day around here.  I could probably look them up some other way but I want my technology to just work. Period.

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