Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Favorite Author

I was attending a retirement party for my WP and there was quite a crowd.  My Sis was there too and the most interesting thing happened.
You see, my Sis is an author.  She has written a book called Waiting For Dusk and it is very very good.  You can get it at or  It is an ebook or a paperback.  It is a young adult book but everyone who has read it loves it and they have been ages 15 to 85!
I am really proud of her but really didn't understand the impact of being a well-liked author.  It will change her life.
She has fans!  Big fans!  Who loved her and were so excited to meet her because of her  book.  They made a little crowd around her and everything.  Lots of people there had not read her book and now they want to!
I'm not surprised by her success.  As I said it's a very very good book.  I just can't explain the feeling of pride and awe I have for her. There she was at a little retirement party and she was making a personal appearance!  I felt like she was as famous as Angelina Jolie!
It is so exciting and I can hardly wrap my head around it.  I was just about bursting with pride.  I mean, she's my little sister.  We held hands when we were little and had CIB(sorry, our own private term).  Now she's entering a world I knew nothing about and am having fun learning about it.
It's not easy to be an author now.  There is a ton out there.  She has to work hard to get her book known.  I know she will.
The best part of listening to her fans was the  reaction when she said there is another book in the series.  They were overjoyed.  I'm telling you I could have cried with happiness.
If you have a little sister and you think she's annoying or bratty or hangs around you too much, you better think again because some day she may make you so very, very proud.


Nancy Pennick said...

I was never annoying...maybe bratty. LOL

SUE said...

You were neither I just know that's how other people feel about their sisters