Saturday, July 20, 2013


I spent the evening among friends last night.  Some of them were friends we've known for a long time and some of the newer.  Some of our "Old" friends are some young women I've known since they were born.
They were the cutest little things you ever saw.  They were always in fluffy dresses( the kind with pinafores), they played the piano, they took dance lessons, they marched in the high school band.  And now they are adults.
We were all drinking Sangria and having a great conversation when all of a sudden, time stood still for me and they became those little girls for one more time.  I shook my head and everyone came back to reality(especially me) and the conversation continued.
How lucky we are that these kids still want to spend time with us and so do their significant others.
I thought I was a little crazy until DD told me she looked at the oldest girl (who she used to babysit) and for a second she saw the little five year old she remembered.
Time, Time, see what you've done to us?

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