Thursday, July 18, 2013


You know those odd headlines I thought were gone?  Well, they are here.  I found them in DH's favorite reading spot.(I'll let you guess)
I love these because they are so bizarre.
The first one tells about a day care worker who was working with a five year old and the child bit another kid.  So did the day care worker discuss it with him and put him in time out?  Nope.  She bit him. Seriously.  She is now a criminal.
Some guy got duped by a naked woman swimming in his pool.  He was so enthralled by her nudity that he couldn't stop looking so her husband robbed the guy while he was salivating...for 20 minutes.  Police have no leads.  The dude cannot even describe the woman! Ha!
Some man in Texas was arrested for the second time for having sex with his horse.  Must be love.
My favorite of the week is that three young women beat a guy up with their shoes because he wouldn't buy one of them a drink.  How many times would I liked to have done that back in the bar scene days?  Hope they were wearing stilettos.

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