Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Author! Author!

Books are an important part of my life.  I have always loved to lose myself in a good story.  I have a sister who is an author.  I am a book reviewer.  I started a book club.  I have a Kindle!
So, why is there so little time?  I have a book review to write, my book club book to finish and a line up of about a hundred books I would like to read on my Pinterest board.
Since ebooks and self-published books have arrived on the scene, there are just too many choices.  It is so hard to decide what to read and what order to read them in.
I feel a real obligation to the authors whose books I review to read carefully, slowly and think about it as I read.  Sometimes I even take notes when the book is long and has a lot of characters.
I am on the fence about book reviewing.  On one hand, I love telling people about a book I enjoyed.  On the other hand, I sometimes feel like I wish I didn't have to review it at all.  At GoodBood Alert, we don't have to finish a book if we don't like it but if I get wrapped up in the story and the writing just isn't that great or there are too many characters or parts are confusing  I still want to review it but I hate to say those things.
We rate from three to five stars and so far I've not read a five, but I have given a four to a book that probably should have gotten three.  I have a hard  time being a critical critic!
Kids have so many opportunities now to read that parents should be encouraging it even more than ever.  How fun to own a Kindle and download your choices from the library.  I love doing it and I'm a supposed grown up.  Reading a book is at the tip of your fingers whenever you need one.  Just hop on the computer and Voila!
With newspapers and magazines dwindling, books are more important than ever.  And I mean a real book.  One with a cover and pages that you turn yourself.  There is something comforting about that feeling.  You should try it.


Nancy Pennick said...

Book reviewers are an important part of the book world. We need good reviewers like you. Don't give up. Read something you like in between your reviews, it helps.

SUE said...

Thanks, Nancy. I won't give up.