Thursday, July 4, 2013

Believe it or Not

Yesterday I made brownies to take to my Sis' house for our Fourth of July celebration. I made them last year and they are the yummiest brownies you ever had.
Anyway, I turned my mixer on to cream the butter and sugar and added the eggs.  The next step was to add the cocoa powder and flour...........wait, let me stop there for a little aside.
I watch A LOT of the Food Network.  Giada has told me and Ina has told me and Paula has told me--don't put your mixer on too high or the flour/cocoa powder will get all over the kitchen and you.
Ok, so I turned on my mixer and three guesses, I did not take their good advice and my entire mixer, face, legs, feet, counter top, and floor were covered in a cocoa powder/flour mix mess! 
So a job that should have taken ten minutes tops took almost 45 minutes to clean up!
So believe them when they tell you  Keep the darn thing on low for a while....a long while,
I also see a lot of commercials and there is a paper towel ad that claims one towel cleans up the whole mess.  LIARS!!  It took me about 6 paper towels both wet and dry to finally mop up the mess I made.
So you see some things you can believe and some things you can't!

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